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Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Donor Engagement Specialist in Rockville, Maryland

TITLE: Donor Engagement Specialist

RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Donor Impact

DIVISION/DEPART: Strategic Partnership





• Collaborate on design and implementation of donor engagement and impact approaches including assisting with the development of grant proposals, corporate contribution requests, and individual gift solicitations.

• Collaborate on donor impact capability and capacity building opportunities for local Goodwill® leaders.


  1. In collaboration with GII leadership, design and implement donor engagement and impact systems and actions that support fund development goals.

  2. Coordinate day-to-day operations, calendar and execution of GII’s donor impact approaches.

  3. Work cross-departmentally to:

    a. advance GII’s donor impact and engagement strategy;

    b. ensure proposal development, launch timelines, campaign deadlines, calls-to-action, and goals are met;

    c. implement reporting to provide a full view of donor impact results.

  4. In coordination with the digital marketing and IT teams, manage GII’s online fundraising platform and integrate its tools across channels where appropriate.

  5. Use industry trend insights to increase digital fundraising and donor engagement.

  6. Support implementation and enhancement of resource development systems and processes as it relates to financial donor cultivation and stewardship, including individual donor gift acknowledgement in conjunction with accounting department.

  7. Manage the MyGoodwill Strategic Partnership Community to ensure content remains fresh and pertinent. Lead maintenance of the Donor Impact Toolkit to ensure updated links and resources.

  8. Collaborate with the Director of Donor Impact to design and implement member capacity building activities for grant writing and philanthropy.

  9. Document Donor Impact engagement in contact relationship management system and manage a portfolio of individual and/or corporate donors.

  10. Support the management and maintenance of electronic departmental files, records, and correspondence, both internally and for member use on MyGoodwill.

  11. Other duties as assigned to support Goodwill objectives.


Internal: Daily contact with GII team members to coordinate projects and support activities.

Local Goodwills: Frequent contact with representatives of Goodwill member organizations.

External: Contact with donors, funders, vendors and partners.


A. Strong oral and written communication skills required.

B. Excellent time management and organization skills.

C. Ability to work with a wide array of team members from different levels within the organization.

D. Strong Microsoft Office skills required; experience with SharePoint desired.

E. Project management experience preferred.

F. Volunteer management preferred.

G. Effective webinar and other presentation skills.

H. Knowledge of online giving and donor engagement.

I. Grant writing experience preferred.


Bachelor’s degree or associate degree with at least three years’ experience in position(s) with increasing responsibility demonstrating strong organization and communication skills in a team environment.


Three or more years’ experience in a professional setting.

Demonstrated ability to coordinate multiple demands and projects.

Specific project management and/or grant management experience preferred.

Experience managing web pages and creating communications documents.


Decision and recommendation making for developing systems, appropriate responses to identified needs, and consultative guidance to improve performance.


Moderate with latitude given to the position in carrying out work assignments. Work is checked for accuracy and completeness.


Sedentary with lifting 10 pounds maximum and occasionally lifting and/or carrying such articles or files. Walking and standing are required occasionally; long hours sitting at a desk and using a computer.


Work environment usually hectic with periods of high stress. Must demonstrate a positive attitude in meeting daily challenges.

1 All duties are considered to be essential, unless otherwise indicated.

2 All skills and abilities are considered to be essential, unless otherwise indicated.

Our Values

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive. Goodwill’s mission grounds us and happens through each one of us. This aspiration applies to each GII team member as much as to the people we serve. GII’s organizational values guide all that we do; how we do our work and make decisions, and how we interact with each other, Goodwill members and all stakeholders.

Our mission happens through me (Passion)

We have a fire for our mission. We bring our energy, creativity and passion to all that we do. By contributing the best of what is within each of us, we inspire the same in our peers, and multiply Goodwill’s impact.

Drive to make a difference (Impact)

We believe that our work must lead to a measurable difference in the lives of the people Goodwill serves. We are committed to performance excellence in all that we do. Our strategy focuses our work to achieve that impact, and we say no to things that do not align.

You before me (Respect)

We treat all people with dignity, kindness, appreciation and respect. We are curious without judgment, and we actively listen to ensure mutual understanding. We give everyone a caring and safe place to share their opinions, their talents, and their questions. We build trust through direct, clear and transparent communication. We are open and humble.

Thriving begins at home (Well-being)

We respect the contributions and the needs of our individual team members equally, and we understand that each one of us needs different things at different times to thrive both in and out of the workplace. We strive to make genuine and continuous investments in one another and ourselves. As such, we adopt healthy, holistic approaches to our work. We proactively care for one another and ourselves by speaking up for what we need and supporting one another in achieving it.

Out of many, One Goodwill (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

We embrace all people and perspectives as we advance Goodwill’s mission to help people reach their full potential through the power of work. We acknowledge historical inequities still exist and are intentional in breaking barriers. We are committed to being part of the solutions, leaning into courageous conversations, and providing inclusive spaces and equal opportunities for real change in all of our endeavors. Our diversified reflection shall shine as one Goodwill.

Be bold, learn and grow (Agility)

We are open, creative, innovative, agile and willing to take risks. We operate with a sense of urgency, without rushing for the sake of speed. While we do our best to make good decisions, we embrace failure for the learning it affords and adapt quickly to move ahead. We are one unified team that succeeds and stumbles, and learns and grows together with humility and grace.

External Company Name: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Street: 15810 Indianola Drive

Telecommute: Yes